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"Working with Nanette was an amazingly powerful experience for me. Her insights, intuition, and ability to find the right questions to ask consistently brought me to an understanding of what I needed to do to keep moving forward. Our work together created significant momentum in my life and I am still benefitting from it on a daily basis!" -Melissa B.

"Nanette is a wise and supportive coach. She will keep challenging you until you see the possibility in yourself that SHE sees in you. If you want to stay stuck where you are, Nanette is not the coach for you." -Lisa H.

"Nanette helped me shift perspectives in critical areas in my life which resulted in outstanding results. Her masterful ability to ask powerful questions, coupled with her laser-like intuition, provided a superb recipe for success. There was never any doubt that I had a powerful champion in Nanette." -Kelley B.

"Nanette has a gift to bring out the best in people. I think this comes from her ability to be open to anything and to listen deeply to what is happening below the surface. She got me to see things that I have been blind about opening whole new paths full of possibilities." -Patrice C.






Nanette Jordan, CPCC, ACC, NVC
International Coach Federation & Coaches Training Institute Certified Coach

1.510.486.0446 PH

Call regarding individual or business coaching, courses and workshops. 510-486-0446

* The Art Of Selling Your Arts and Crafts
* The Designer as Entrepreneur
* Re-Inventing Yourself...Ah-gain....
* Be Your Future Self Now
* How To Get Your Work Into A Top-Notch Gift Catalog
* Craft Fair Success
* Wholesaling Your Work Yourself
* Finding and Working With A Rep
* Creating A Life-Map Through Collage
* How To Have Your Own Original Jewelry Designs Cast For You

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